Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will my helium balloon/s last? This all depends on what type of balloons you have.

11' Latex 16-24 hours

16″ Latex  30+ hours

20″ Bubble Balloon 1 – 3 weeks

24″ Bubble Balloon 1 – 3 weeks

Giant 2ft Latex 3-5 days

Giant 3ft Latex 3-5 days

Foils including Orbz and Giant numbers 5-7 days

Air filled organic garlands and arches can last up to 3 weeks+

2. Is there any way to prolong the life of my balloon/s? Helium isn't a fan of cold temperatures so keep your balloons at room temperature and do not store outside for long periods. Avoid leaving your balloons in confined spaces such as car boots and keep them away from possible sharp or jagged objects. 

3. Do you make balloons for release? No! Infact we'd strongly discourage anyone from releasing balloons into the air as they can be extremely damaging to the environment and wildlife. Please see our 'Balloons & the Environment' guidelines.

3. Do you deliver? We offer delivery for orders above £50. A small delivery fee may apply for areas outside of 5 miles from Newhall, Essex. 

4. How far in advance do I need to order? We do hold a generous amount of stock and have often completed orders for as little as the following day, however this is subject to availability and is not guaranteed. We advise you give as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment.  

5. Do I have to pay a deposit? Yes. We take a non-refundable 20% deposit at time of booking - This is because we often order in the materials needed straight away. This also secures your date. If for any reason your event is cancelled, and you give us at least 24 hours notice, we can hold your deposit for another date (subject to availability).

Do not deliberately inhale helium. Although not poisonous, this gas could result in DEATH by asphyxiation or damage to your lungs. This warning is endorsed by the British Compressed Gasses Association.