B A L L O O N S   &   T H E   E N V I R O N M E N T





There is no question... we LOVE balloons, but we also love our planet, and we highly recommend you follow our guidelines for responsible use.




We would strongly discourage anyone from releasing balloons into the air as they can be extremely damaging to the environment and wildlife.

"Although there is generally good intent behind the practice of releasing balloons such as memorialising an event, showing remembrance for a person, or to symbolically “let something go,” people fail to realise (or perhaps choose to ignore) that once released, balloons become nothing more than floating litter".

  • All balloons must be disposed of responsibly.

  • Don’t let go! Pin it and Bin It.

  • Whilst latex balloons are 100% biodegradable, they must still be disposed of with household or commercial waste.

  • Reuse Foil (Mylar) balloons where possible.

  • Once finished with, deflate and cut the balloons and ribbons into small pieces and put in the bin.


Not many people know this, but foil (mylar) balloons can be reused!

Simply deflate the balloon and carefully fold it up and store it for another time! You can watch this useful video for help on how to do it: How to Reuse Foil Balloons Tutorial Just be careful as the valves are delicate and can be damaged if you are too rough! They can then be reinflated as normal when you are ready to use again.

Little Laney are proud members of NABAS, The National Association of Balloon Artists and Suppliers, and follow a strict code of conduct to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

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